There are several things that you should keep in mind before you move into a new house. One of the most important of those things is to know if a house is haunted. If you're about to move into a new house or considering this option, then give this article a read because we will be mentioning some important things to focus on in order to check if a house is haunted or not.

The house's history

It is very important to dig deep into the history of the house. And it's more important in cases where the prospective house is a very old one. Ask the realtor about the people who have lived before in the house, about their families, and if they had ever faced any unfortunate events within the house like murders, disappearances, etc.

You can also visit the local police station as they would be able to tell you much better details about any such events. And if the house has seen such an event, there could be a possibility of a haunting.

Heavy air

A haunted place, in most cases, has an eerie ring to its air and atmosphere. If the house you're considering is haunted, and if you're lucky, you might sense it the first time you walk into the house. The air inside the house will feel heavy and damp. It might also seem a little cooler than the outside temperature within the house.

Signals not working properly

Another sign that might tell you if a house is haunted or not is if your mobile device's signals start fluctuating when you enter the house. Although this is seen mostly in movies, it can still be a possible indicator and something you could be cautious about.

Flickering lights

One of the most common ways to identify a presence is through flickering lights. If you feel or experience the lights flickering in your prospective house, then it's a possibility that the house could be haunted, and you should speak to the realtor about it.

We know that it's next to impossible to identify if there is a possible presence or haunting in a house that you just visited. But using some things mentioned above, you can still judge the building and be on the lookout for any such unusual activity or feeling that you might experience while you're there.

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