A year has passed since COVID 19 became a reality for us all. However, life must go on in whatever altered ways it has to. People have slowly adjusted from a lifestyle free of social distancing to working from home, running online businesses, and even moving during such times with properly-followed SOPs.

Whether we're going to see a different reality soon is yet to be determined. However, if your lease is up, you're looking to move to another city, or whatever else your reason is, moving can be done quite easily during the pandemic, given that there are preventive measures taken.

If you're someone who has decided to move during such a time, here are 5 tips that will help make the process easier and more effective given the situation.

Choose a reliable moving company

Make a note to choose a moving company ahead of time because this gives you room to ask questions over a period of time regarding the measures they are taking to ensure safety during the pandemic.

Look at their referrals and reviews to see how they have performed during the COVID outbreak. Get a quote from them online and ask for a virtual survey as an alternative to an in-person moving estimate.

Wear face mask

When you've decided on the movers you're going to choose, make it a point to specify that you want their masks on at all times, with frequent hand washing. Keep in mind that a mask tends to make people sweaty, so let them take frequent breaks to cool off outside, so you don't run the risk of them taking off the mask within your house.

Donate but safely

Hopping in your car with bags full of items you're donating to goodwill was perhaps easy before the pandemic, but with the rising safety concerns, each donation house has its specific procedure of when and how to give clothes.

The rules stated on the website are area-specific, so make sure you're checking the local site.

Buy ample packing material

Try to minimize the number of trips you're taking to the hardware stores. Buy more than what you need so you have enough to packing material. Once you're done packing and whatever is left, donate it to others who are planning a move, or save it for a time you might move.

Pack 24 hours prior

Have your stuff packed at least a day before the movers arrive. Store boxes in a closed room so when movers are ready to pick up the stuff, they don't have to move around the house too much and can take the boxes from one or two designated spots.

You can also offer antibacterial wipes and sanitizers to them, as well as sanitize all your boxes before they arrive.

Stay safe during your move and make important yet firm decisions without feeling like you're a germaphobe. The pandemic is real! No one will fault you for taking extra precautions.

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